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A day of scraping, chopping, and salting in Lackawanna County

The icy weather Friday kept many folks home and off the roads.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — Despite just how pretty it looks, the sound and threat of ice certainly keep folks at home and off the roads. But since car emergencies never stop, Thomas Mobile Automotive Services in Moscow doesn't close, either.

"Automotive business, we don't necessarily get breaks like everyone else. We have to keep the cars running. It's up to us," said owner Courtney Gutjahr.

In Scranton, Jesse Howard's job is checking in on his aunt all year round.

"Come over and shovel and cut grass. Now it's the ice; I have to get it off. I don't want her hurting herself; she's older than me."

Al Busillo is a contractor currently building a house in Wayne County. He says the weather can't put his project behind, even if that means he's running errands in ice to pick up the items he needs.

"Turned out to be a little slippery right now, so I'm trying to get back quickly, so I can get home and enjoy the weekend," Busillo said.

Those who need to get to work in all of this need someone to sell the stuff to get through all of this.

"Like everyone else, our employees have to get here safely, so obviously, we have some challenges with our employees getting them in. Ninety percent of my people are pretty committed because they understand what it means to our people to our customers. Obviously, they need the salt, the shovels. They need the things that they have to do to take care of all this, to take care of it, get through it," said David Leslie, store manager at Shaffer's Hardware.

And it seems like the worse the ice gets, the busier the store gets in Wayne County, and while the section with the ice melt was getting most of the attention, folks stopped in for all sorts of other things too.

"Electrical, plumbing, that stuff doesn't stop just because the weather happens. It doesn't mean they don't need the things they need to take care of problems. So we assume the salt, the shovels, the snow blowers, all those types of things, but obviously the other home products as well. So if my people can't get in here and we can't get open, then obviously we can't help them out with those things."

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