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A bit of New York City in Dickson City

A new business owner is bringing a little piece of New York City to Lackawanna County. Newswatch 16's Elizabeth Worthington shows us around.

DICKSON CITY, Pa. — For Amanda Gerald, owning a clothing store is quite literally a dream come true. She started selling clothes online about a year ago, but the idea to open a brick-and-mortar store came to her in a dream one night.

"I'd seen myself hanging up clothes, and I woke up from that dream, and I just ran with it."

Gerald moved to the area about two years ago from New York City. That's why her store in Dickson City is called A Slice of Brooklyn. Not only is this a new home for Gerald, but it's also a new industry.

"I'm actually a CNA and a certified chef, so this is completely out of my field. "

Gerald gets her inspiration for the type of clothing she sells inside a nearby restaurant. She watches and takes note of what people are wearing.

Gerald is part of a relatively small group in the U.S.—female, black business owners. That makes her even prouder of this accomplishment.

"Women are known to take the back burner sometimes when it comes to certain things, but we are very strong, independent, and smart, so we can lead as well."

The grand opening of the store is this Saturday at noon, just a little over a month after Amanda began her work here.