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99-year-old COVID-19 survivor

The 99-year-old from Lackawanna County tested positive in May, quarantined for 14 days, and is now back home.

BLAKELY, Pa. — Helen Wilkes Visneski is a mother, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother. At 99 and ¾ years old, she's also a COVID-19 survivor.

"Almost 100 years old, and she survived," Helen's grandson Richard said.

Helen has lived at Mid Valley Manor in Blakely for 10 years.

On May 28, she tested positive for the coronavirus.

During her time in quarantine, she never lost the spirit her grandson knows and loves.

He says she even made her bed every day because the nurses were so busy with other patients.

"She's just happy about everything. Even when she contracted the coronavirus, she was more concerned about the nurses," Richard said.

After Helen tested positive back in May, she moved to Dunmore Health Care Center, where she was quarantined for 14 days.

"I thought to myself afterward, what's the greater miracle? Is it keeping her away from the virus? Or is the greater miracle her contracting the virus, making it all the way through and being fine, and now she's back here," Richard explained.

Even though Newswatch 16 can not physically meet Helen at her home at Mid Valley Manor right now, she is thrilled we are sharing her story; and of course, she's still rocking her survivor t-shirt.

"I love you all!" she said in a video message sent to the News Station.

Richard posted the photo of his grandmother sharing her story, hoping to inspire others.

"People just need to hear good news once in a while, because if we stay on the negative all the time, it just makes us feel worse. Something like this, she's truly a miracle."

Helen turns 100-years-old this October, and her family says they will definitely be celebrating, even if it is through a window.

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