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3 year old picks up litter in Dunmore

Avery Shivock is helping keep her community clean.

DUNMORE, Pa. — Don't be fooled by the beautiful princess dress, Avery Schivock isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. 

The three year old from Dunmore has a hobby not too many girls her age likely share, picking up cigarette butts people have tossed on the ground in the Scranton and Dunmore area.

Her favorite spot is Sherwood Park, and it seems to be a favorite spot of people who litter, too. 

"Living in the city, it just is something you see everywhere. We thought, we take the kids for a walk anyway, why not pick up some trash while we're walking?" said Stephanie Shivock, Avery's mother.

Stephanie said teaching her kids to care for the environment is an important lesson she wanted them to learn from an early age.

"I think there's a lot of good to be done by learning this little. Hopefully, she takes it forward and teaches her friends, and we make the world a better place," said Stephanie.

Armed with kitchen tongs and sporting gloves, Avery and her parents collect the butts in a can to be recycled.

"They turn them into park benches, into new houses, and into new tables," explained Avery.

This ambitious toddler already knows how she plans to continue helping people in the future.

When we asked Avery what she wants to be when she grows up, she responded quickly and enthusiastically, "a fire girl!"

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