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16 To The Rescue: Wyatt Earp

In this week's 16 To The Rescue we meet an older cat who often gets overlooked because of his age and shyness.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Despite his shy personality, Wyatt Earp will never say no to belly rubs or behind-the-ear scratches. And after living here at St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo, Wyatt is more than ready to get adopted.

"He sometimes gets overlooked because he might not come right up to you and he's darker in color, but he's actually very friendly. He is missing an eye but it doesn't bother him even a little bit. He is definitely meant to be a lap cat," Katrina Organ, St. Cats and Dogs of Nay Aug Zoo, said.

Wyatt's eye does not require any extra medical attention and there is no risk of infection. Volunteers think it was like that long before he came to live here. Wyatt was brought in after his owner passed away, and although he was very scared at first, he is doing better now.

"I just love to pet him. He loves people, he loves attention. We did actually have a volunteer take him home, but unfortunately, they have a dog, even though it was a small dog that didn't bother him, he did not do well with that," Organ said.

So no dogs, but Wyatt does do well with other cats. He would definitely be happiest in a quiet home, though.

"A perfect home would be a home definitely with adults, maybe older children. I wouldn't say little kids either because he is a pet-me-guy, not a play-with-me-guy as much," Organ said.

Wyatt takes some time to warm up to new people but volunteers know he is worth it, that is why they wanted to feature him this week.

"We're really excited to have him featured. Again because he's just kind of an older cat, darker in color, we think he gets overlooked a lot so we're hoping that this little chance to shine will find him the home he deserves," Organ said.

You can find Wyatt's adoption information by clicking here.

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