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100 years of women voters

It was a celebration in Lackawanna County Saturday. 100 summers ago a landmark piece of legislation was passed that changed the world for women.

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — They honked horns, waved flags, and clapped loudly.

It was all to celebrate a milestone for women made 100 years ago. 

The 19th Amendment was passed in June 1920 and ratified in August of the same year.

"Women voting has been a really important part of our history and I think we can make a lot of change that way. It's the way we can use our voices and be heard is through voting. Not only that but through running for office and being elected to positions," said Jessica Rothchild, Scranton City Council.

Women of all ages came together to mark the occasion.

The group gathered in Dunmore and made their way to City Hall in Scranton.

Mayor Paige Cognetti was on hand for a flag-raising ceremony. 

Antique cars paraded through Dickson City, Olyphant, and Throop.

"It is an honor to be here, to be with these amazing women and these women of our future. It's honestly awe-inspiring and I'm kind of choking up thinking about it," Isabella Deflice, Scranton.

Isabella DeFlice is the daughter of the Deputy Director of the city's Office of Economic and Community Development. 

She says, although this was a celebration, it's also a reminder that the fight for equality isn't over yet. 

"We've gone so far and as we've gone so far, we also have so much more to do. We have to help each other and stay united both as people and as a county I believe," said Deflice.