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Keeping New Year's resolutions and getting into shape despite shutdown

Personal trainers offer advice on how to drop the quarantine 15 even though gyms are closed.

TRUCKSVILLE, Pa. — The ball has dropped, and the champagne was popped! Now, some people are focused on New Year's resolutions and how to get into shape during the shutdown.

Even though gyms and fitness centers are closed through January fourth, personal trainers at Move Better 570 in Trucksville have become Zoom experts, training customers online.

"My coaches are awesome at just kind of looking in the background and saying like, 'hey, you can do your push-ups off the back of the couch' or why don't you put that pillow down to kind of protect your knee. We get pretty creative," Ken Wall, Move Better 570 co-owner, said.

Trainers will still be doing classes online in 2021 because they have actually brought in customers from all over the U.S.

"I have people that realize, wow, I can roll out of bed and go down to my family room and have everything I need, and there's Ken waiting on me," Wall said.

Other people, like Matt Hayes of Lakeland, can't wait to be back in the gym.

"To work with Ken in person is a lot easier to communicate different movements when we're lifting," Hayes said.

If your New Year's resolution is to burn off some of that quarantine 15, trainers said start working on it now. Don't wait for gyms to reopen Monday. There is never a perfect time to get into shape.

"One of the biggest things in fitness is that people have to wait for everything to be ideal. This year kind of taught us that things aren't always ideal, and if you wait for them to be, you're going to keep waiting," Wall said.

Personal trainers also said don't push yourself too hard when you're trying to get back into shape. You don't want to hurt yourself. Instead of no pain, no gain, tell yourself no strain, no gain.