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Impacts from wildfires out west felt in our area

The aftermath of the wildfires out west are being felt, smelled, and even seen here at home.

Take a look at the dozens of photos you shared with Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey on his Facebook page as part of a segment Thursday morning.

From all over our area, snapshots of hazy, smoky scenes in so many neighborhoods across northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

From Jim Thorpe to central Pennsylvania, you can see how the large wildfires out west sent smoke more than 30,000 feet into the sky, and it all made its way to our area.

But at home, there is relief! Our StormTracker 16 says with the cold front that started moving through our area on Wednesday, our skies will start to clear up.

On a sad yet interesting note, the smoke from wildfires out west made it all the way to Iceland on Tuesday.

That's in the ballpark of 6,000 miles from where the wildfires are burning.