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Power To Save: Fire company nearing four million cans recycled

The Aquashicola Fire Company collects cans to fundraise and help maintain a clean environment.
Credit: wnep

The Aquashicola Fire Company near Palmerton has been serving the community and fighting fires for decades, but it's also passionate about maintaining a clean environment.

"We've been recycling aluminum cans since 1989 as a fundraiser and also to look after the environment," Larry Arner of the fire company said. 

Right outside the firehouse is a large can trailer.

Stop there at any time, and the thing is full of aluminum cans.

For 31 years, the fire company has been gathering them to raise money and to prevent them from going to a landfill.

In those 31 years, Aquashicola has recycled nearly 4 million cans.

"Each year, we seem to be getting more and more cans," Arner said. "This year, especially, I don't know if it's because of the pandemic, but we filled the can trailer in 55 days this last time, which is extraordinary. Usually, it takes 90-100 days to fill it up."

Any type of money raised for a volunteer fire company goes a long way, especially during the coronavirus. 

"Since the pandemic this year, it's really crucial because we've lost our annual fish fry dinner. We had what we call a 20-week club. We have two of them. We had to cancel both. So at least this way, we get a little income to offset the bills that keep coming in," Arner added.

The can trailer is at the fire company year-round, and anybody can go there to recycle, but you can only dispose of aluminum beverage cans.