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Experts say cyber attacks are getting worse

Sounding the alarm about cybersecurity – experts say attacks are getting worse and worse, even hitting small businesses.

SCRANTON, Pa. — On alert for cyber attacks – nationwide, ransomware attacks have made headlines, crippling healthcare computer systems, 9-1-1 centers, stopping work on gas pipelines, and more.

"We've seen a number of industries, everything from individual consumers all the way through large-scale businesses," said MK Palmore, field chief security officer for Palo Alto Networks.

Ransomware attacks are those where systems are hijacked by hackers, who hold them ransom so-to-speak until the money is paid in some form.

Experts said it is not just major corporations who are being hit; small business owners and consumers have been attacked and have to be on alert, too.

"What you have to keep in mind is that if you are a business operating, we see a complete halt. Our observations show health care is particularly targeted; it can be scary."

So what should people do to protect themselves better? 

Well, for one thing, the pros said to make sure you have a backup system for your information: use antivirus and antimalware solutions.

They say to update all your systems and use strong passwords.

"All of these things can help either lessen the chances of you being impacted or completely prevent you from being victimized."

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