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COVID-19 anxiety: Boosting your mood when faced with long-term stress

Summer is time for many to take a vacation and de-stress, but some mental health experts say worry and anxiety are at an all-time high.

TAMAQUA, Pa. — Too many worries for too long -- mental health experts say there are so many things people have on their minds during this health crisis: their safety, their jobs, unemployment, whether kids will go back to school, where they can safely travel.

The list goes on.

"There are lots of different issues to navigate, in some ways, this is even more complicated now as we start to reopen," said Dr. Lisa Langer, a clinical psychologist.

That kind of stress for more than five months is taking its toll.

"It's never good for us to be in a what I call fight, flight, or fear mode for such a long period of time, and this is unfortunately what we are experiencing, meaning our bodies are reactive mode. Our adrenaline is going. Sometimes we're not even aware of it."

Dr. Langer said it's critical that people take time for themselves right now before that anxiety becomes overwhelming.

She said people should get outside because she really helps boost your mood and calm your nerves.

"Go to parks or go to pools. If you're fortunate to have a pool at home, that would be wonderful, even put up a sprinkler."

Dr. Langer said above all, just be aware of your stress level during this time: talk to someone about your worries and anxiety, a friend, family member, or mental health professional.