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'Coronasomnia' remains an issue

Not getting enough sleep? Doctors say you're not alone. You may be suffering from something called "coronasomnia." Newswatch 16's Sarah Buynovsky has the story.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Sleep experts say "coronasomnia" is not only a real problem, but it is a widespread one, affecting many people of all ages right now.

“'Coronasomnia or COVIDsomnia' is what sleep scientists or sleep experts are calling the impact this last year of the pandemic has had on our sleep," said health and wellness coach Kelly O'Brien, who works for Proper, a sleep wellness company.

Those experts report seeing more and more people losing lots of sleep right now because of the stress leading to insomnia.

“We’re worried about our jobs and our health and our families, but additionally, our circadian rhythm has shifted as well during lockdown. We’re working from home, schooling from home, all factors that can impact the quality of our sleep overall.”

Sleep experts said it does not look like it is going away any time soon, so they are urging people who are having trouble to talk to a specialist right away before it starts to affect their health.

“It can impact our immune systems so we know when we sleep well, our body powers down, regenerates, and powers back up. Our immune system may be compromised as well.”

Some tips to help with your sleep: 

  • set aside an hour before bed to relax, 
  • and wind down and avoid screens if possible during that time.

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