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Student at Bloomsburg University starts book-sharing program

A Bloomsburg University junior started the BU Book Pantry where students can borrow books for class.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — It can be pricy to go to college. One expense you may not think about right away is the cost of books.

A student at Bloomsburg University hopes to lessen that burden for some of her classmates. Recently junior Cameron O'Neill started the BU Book Pantry.

"I just decided that instead of keeping my book on my shelf or throwing it away, I should just pass that on to future students," O'Neill explained.

O'Neill had the idea for the book pantry after noticing some of her classmates could not afford the course books they needed. O'Neill is now asking students to donate their books to the BU Book Pantry at the end of the semester.

"Next semester, the students that take that same class can just borrow that book for the semester and return it, so students can continue to use that for future semesters."

O'Neill has already helped dozens of students.

"The amount of savings for a student can be hundreds of dollars each semester by being able to borrow these older books," said Bloomsburg University Provost Diana Rogers-Adkinson.

"I think it's a great opportunity for students who can't afford over $800 in books, for nursing majors especially," said sophomore Baylee Strausberger.

More than 250 books have been donated, but O'Neill is always looking for more.

"Without donations, we can't give anyone books."

O'Neill hopes other students will continue the program once she graduates.

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