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Skiing through the 'Storm of the Century' in 1993

If you were old enough to remember it, you probably have at least one story to tell from the Blizzard of 1993. A woman from Berwick has a very special one.

BERWICK, Pa. — Judy Keck has lived in Berwick for most of her life, and it is on Maple Road where she and her husband lived 30 years ago, in March of 1993. On March 9, Judy knew her life would never be the same — it was the day her nephew was born.

"He was in the hospital, that was Tuesday, then Thursday, she came home with him. Then we woke up to that storm of the century," she said.

Judy and her husband never had kids of their own, and living just a few blocks from her brother and sister-in-law, she could not wait for Mitchel to be born and definitely was not waiting for the storm to pass to go hold him.

Driving was not an option, and neither was walking because of just how much snow had fallen. So, Judy resorted to Plan C.

"I grabbed my skis; I did cross-country skiing for a long time. I got the skis, it wasn't far from here, but I skied up to his home to see him, and I got to hold him," Keck said.

Still, 30 years later, when Judy drives this route, she cannot help but remember that snowy March day. She is thankful her brother, sister-in-law, and baby nephew were able to get home safely hours before the snow started to fall. It is something Judy, Mitchel, and the rest of the family talk about around this time every single year, even after all this time.

"We talk about his birth and the storm. As a child, he wants to hear that. He could cuddle up to me and say, 'Tell me again, Aunt Judy,' and we would talk about the storm of '93," Keck said.

Mitchel celebrated his 30th birthday on March 9. His family says once again the talk of his birthday week is yet another March snowstorm.

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