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New addition at the Bloomsburg Fair

The most famous sheep at this year's fair gave birth on Thursday.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — There is a new addition to the Bloomsburg Fair — the most famous sheep at this year's fair gave birth.

Marian the sheep has been the focus of a live camera at the fair all week, and on Thursday, she had a baby.

"She started stirring about 3 a.m., and she really started pushing around 4, and then 9:14 a.m., he was out," said Samantha Milheim from Milheim Menagerie Farm.

The new fair baby is named Farmer Bloom.

"To represent the fair where he was born," Ryan Milheim said.

Marian and Farmer Bloom are from Milheim Menagerie Farm in Berwick. Marian was 12-year-old Ryan Milheim's first sheep, so this is a big moment for him.

"Pretty special, and also, it will be the first time something was born at the fair."

The Milheims say most sheep are typically not born this time of year, so the Lamb Cam at the Bloomsburg Fair has been in the works for a long time. They timed out Marian's pregnancy.

"(It was a) two-year process between talking about it and actually going through," Samantha said.

Marian and Farmer Bloom are Jacob sheep, which typically have four horns. The Milheims hope to show him at next year's Bloomsburg Fair.

"I'm excited that everyone else is excited to see him and have the experience. We have it every year, but not everyone gets to experience it."

You can check out the live camera here and see mama and the new lamb in person in one of the barns at the fairgrounds.

The Bloomsburg Fair continues daily through Saturday, October 1, from 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

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