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Movie theaters reopening post-shutdown

On Jan. 8, movie theaters around Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania opened up following the recent COVID-19 shutdown.

It’s movie night in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.

Several area theaters reopened today after being closed under COVID-19 protocols.

But, one question loomed large: Are people ready to return to the theater? Turns out they are.

It was show time at Cinemark Theater in Moosic and movie goers were here to be entertained by Hollywood once again.

The company announced it was reopening its theaters and welcoming back guests with open arms and big screens, including here at its location in Lackawanna County.

The theater will be open seven days a week with extended hours on the weekend.

Ryan Buck and Heather Schmidt of Scranton spent their Friday doing something they haven't done in a while: go out for dinner and a movie.

“We went out for dinner at Longhorn and we came here, something to do, something to get us out instead of the house all day,” said Buck.

“That's exactly, that was my normal, probably every other weekend, going to dinner and a movie so it felt like surreal,” said Schmidt.

The company sent out a video showing how its employees will be sanitizing the theater routinely.

After buying a ticket, guests will choose their seats, then the seats around those will be unavailable.

"I know once you buy a ticket, they take off the two next seats on both sides, they're sanitizing after the movie, they're going cashless so,” said Buck.

Cinemark Theater isn't the only movie company going back into show business.

AMC Theater on Route 11 near Bloomsburg in Columbia County is also open for business but only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

It's one of 25 theaters the company is reopening in Pennsylvania.

Ansley Burnett and her 4-year-old daughter, Audrey from Bloomsburg came to The Croods sequel, The Croods: A New Age.

“We have been inside all week and, you know, before that as well, over the holidays, so it's good to be able to take her to see something she's interesting and just get out of the house for a while,” said Burnett.

James Flanagan came out from his home in Ashland for this opening night of the theater because he is a self-professed movie lover.

“I heard, well, I figured they were going to open and I usually come every week and I'm the only one in my family that's a movie buff,” said Flanagan. “I just can't stay away from the movies.”

For people wanting to watch a movie with only those they know and trust, they can purchase a private movie screening being offered at both theater companies.

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