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High school students take on world affairs at Bloomsburg University

150 high school students learned what it's like to debate current events on an international stage at Bloomsburg University's Model UN conference.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — The United Nations is an international organization whose purpose is to maintain peace. Students from eight area high schools got a taste of that while participating in a Model UN conference at Bloomsburg University. Students worked in pairs, representing countries, and discussed real-life global events.

"Ranging from climate change to demographic pressures, so over-population, for example, human rights issues in Afghanistan and Iran," said Prof. Pete Doerschler, a Bloomsburg University political science professor.

The students tried to come up with solutions to these issues, realizing different countries do not always see problems the same way.

"We looked into Japan's views on the different topics, and we're now debating and trying to find a resolution that we can agree with the other delegations that are representing other countries," said Connor Fitzgerald, a Danville Area junior.

The high school students tell Newswatch 16 that the topics they discussed were also important to them in their lives.

"Definitely climate change and then diversity within the community. Me being a female of color is definitely a huge thing, especially getting into the field I'm getting in, and it's something I prepare to face going on," said Falasha Gallman, a Williamsport Area sophomore.

Bloomsburg Area senior Hughie Curran represented Turkmenistan and says climate change is important to him. He also sees division in our country as an important issue.

"A lot of times with issues, we see it as us versus someone else when it should be us as one versus the problem at hand."

Students say they prepared for weeks for the Model UN conference.

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