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Fluff…On a Burger?

During the month of May, you’ll see a slightly different Taste Test every Tuesday on Newswatch 16 at 7.  We’re highlighting our areas unique and unu...

During the month of May, you'll see a slightly different Taste Test every Tuesday on Newswatch 16 at 7.  We're highlighting our areas unique and unusual foods, so you can try them out, too!  First up, a most unusual sandwich condiment.

At first glance, it looks like your typical cheeseburger.

But look closer and you'll see a most unusual ingredient, marshmallow fluff!

"It's the blend between the spiciness and the sweetness that gives it its. Peculiar blend I guess you could say," said Joseph Salukas, owner of Tony's Lunch in Bloomsburg, where the sandwich is featured.

Marshmallow fluff goes on a burger along with cheese and Tony's signature spicy chili sauce.

People have been scalding their taste buds with the secret sauce on the burgers long before the fluff came around. Without the fluff it's called a "Screamer."

So how in the world did marshmallow fluff wind up on this local delicacy?

Owners say a 14-year-old girl had an affinity for the sticky sweet stuff.

"She came into the restaurant and she had her own fluff container and she wanted the waitress to put it on for her, and she wouldn't do it, she wouldn't do it. So then finally she put it on for her," said Salukas.

It was a hit, and soon after, wound up on the menu at Tony's.

For folks who like a challenge, they keep track of how many Screamers people have eaten here in one hour.

An ambitious college student ate nine screamers, that's without fluff, in just under an hour, breaking the store record.

As a Tony's regular, Clay Roden has had practice.

"It's just a big burger, it's better than going to McDonald's, it's right down the street. I like the hot sauce too," said Roden.

But even our record-holder doesn't want to stomach the fluff.

Owner Joe Salukas says kids are more open-minded about the bizarre burger than grown-ups.

"We have it on the menu, don't knock it 'til you try it. The adults will come in iffy about it. And they'll try it and we'll ask them about it after they're done and they'll say they enjoyed it.  They loved it," said Salukas.

Fluff burgers are available at both Tony's Lunch locations in Bloomsburg and Girardville.

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