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Feline freed from under hood of truck

A family shopping trip to a Walmart in Columbia County saved the life of a 6-week-old kitten this week.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — Paula Murphy and her grandchildren were going to do some shopping at the Walmart in Bloomsburg. As they walked into the store, they heard a suspicious noise coming from a nearby truck.

"I heard a noise, and I was like, 'There is a cat in this truck. Nana, there is a cat in this truck,'" said Lily James.

"We just kept trying to follow the sound of the cat and realized, much to our horror, that the cat was under the hood of the truck," Murphy recalled.

The 6-week-old kitten was tucked away in a corner near the engine. A man in the parking lot helped the family open the hood of the car.

"The truck door was open, and the man opened the car door, got in, popped the hood, and we found this pathetic and terrified little kitten in the hot motor."

"I wondered how the cat could get in there because even though it was really tiny, there was a little crawl space to get in there," Gwyn Murphy said.

"It made me feel kind of sad about it," Cooper Murphy added.

Robyn Margani of Berwick was walking by as all of this was happening. She volunteered to keep the kitten.

"The eyes were just a mess, and I couldn't let it go. I was like, 'I have to at least take this cat to the vet.'"

The kitten is now the second one Margani has rescued. Ten years ago, she coincidentally rescued another cat from underneath the hood of a car.

"He was in pretty rough condition. His paws were burned, and his tail was singed, and ten years later, we still have him at home."

Margani's daughter named this rescued kitten Alexandra. Alexandra was taken to the vet and is healthy.

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