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Ex-wife, Father-in-Law Charged In Columbia County Homicide

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP — State authorities announced homicide charges have been filed in the case of a man found shot to death two years ago. The state attorney...

HEMLOCK TOWNSHIP -- State authorities announced homicide charges have been filed in the case of a man found shot to death two years ago.

The state attorney general said the victim's ex-wife and her father will be charged with the killing.

Frank Spencer, 46, was found shot to death in his home in Hemlock Township, near Millville, Columbia County in July of 2012.

On Monday, the state attorney general said that Maria Sanutti-Spencer, 49, of Harrisburg, and her father, Anthony Franklin, 72, will be charged as a result of a grand jury investigation.

Maria Sanutti-Spencer did not have much to say as she was led into district court to face charges of criminal homicide and arson.

"Maria, do you have anything to say?"

"No, thank you," Sanutti-Spencer replied.

"Did you kill Frank?"

"No, I did not," she said.

"Then who did" Did your dad?"

"I have no idea, thank you," Sanutti-Spencer said.

Sanutti-Spencer and her father are accused of killing her ex-husband Frank Spencer, at a home near Millville over two years ago.

According to the state attorney general's office, the father-daughter duo did more than just kill Spencer. They harassed him and his friends for three years and set his and his girlfriend's houses on fire. State police say the duo threatened Spencer's life on several occasions.

Investigators believe Franklin and Sanutti-Spencer killed Frank Spencer execution-style inside his own home.

Investigators say even after the murder, Franklin and Sanutti-Spencer continued to threaten Spencer's family and friends.

According to court papers, Sanutti-Spencer told her ex-husband's friends and family, "tell your Grammy she is next."

And "your house will burn, too, and a bullet can find you."

Sanutti-Spencer denies her involvement in the case. She tells Newswatch 16 Spencer was actually about to give her one of his kidneys because she was in need of a transplant.

"What do you think about all these charges?"

"I think they would like my father to come home and tell them what he knows and they think arresting me is the way to get him here," Sanutti-Spencer said.

State police are still looking for Anthony Franklin, 72, who violated his parole.

"You said your dad was in South America?"

"My dad said he was going to South America, yes," said Sanutti-Spencer.

On her way out of court, Sanutti-Spencer had a message for her two children who are staying with Frank's mother in Columbia County.

"I didn't do anything. Don't worry about it."

Maria Sanutti-Spencer is locked up at the Columbia County Prison. If you have any information on Anthony Franklin, you are asked to call state police.

Sanutti-Spencer and Franklin face homicide, conspiracy, and arson charges connected with the death of Spencer.