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Community takes part in Bloomsburg's "Worldwide" Porch Musical while keeping social distance

All of us are dealing with the restrictions in many different ways. One community in Columbia County is coming together in song!

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

A community in Columbia County is coming together but still maintaining social distancing in a rather original way.
A Facebook group called Bloomsburg's "Worldwide" Porch Musical got neighbors outside and dancing on their porches!

 As Neil Diamond's classic song "Sweet Caroline" blared from a car, the Fleetwood family took to dancing on their porch and in the front yard, outside their home in Bloomsburg.

All five members have been self-quarantining since last week and this short moment offered much needed relief.

“I feel so lazy all the time and I'm just always in bed and it really sucks,” said 10th grader Kaidyn Fleetwood.

Mom Megan came up with the idea to invite her neighbors on Center Street who have also been stuck inside their homes during the coronavirus outbreak, to come out onto their porches and dance to music.

Taking her idea to Facebook. it went viral and a group page called Bloomsburg's “Worldwide” Porch Musical was created.

The group got radio stations in the area to play five songs, starting at 5 o'clock, so people could turn up the volume and dance.

It's a way to connect with each other while still maintaining social distance.

“There's really not much to look forward to, so I wanted to just give them something to look forward to,” said Megan Fleetwood, “Even if it just meant a few neighbors doing it, or even if we just did it by ourselves, I just wanted to give them to look forward to.”

And people throughout the community did get into the groove.

This video posted to Facebook live shows the family of Bloomsburg professor Dr. Neil Strine dancing while wearing tropical clothing.

Strine's wife Danielle says they were so excited when they heard the porch musical was happening.

“We like to do dance parties as a family and sign and be goofy and be crazy and right now my girls are having a hard time being with friends,” said Danielle.

For both those who participated and those who came out just to watch the fun, they all said it was nice to have this moment of normalcy and levity in these uncertain times.

The Fleetwood's next door neighbors came out to watch the five of family enjoy their brief dance-off.

 “That's what we need around here, social distancing but we need to see each other too!” said Lindsey Marolf.

Organizers say Bloomsburg's Worldwide Porch Musical will now be held every Friday night at 6:30.

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