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Two communities mourning after tragedies in Berwick, Nescopeck

Berwick and Nescopeck are forever linked after a fatal fire, deadly hit and run, and murder leave 12 dead and dozens injured.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — The communities of Nescopeck and now Berwick are mourning after another tragedy hits the area. 

A benefit for the family affected by the deadly fire that killed ten in Nescopeck over a week ago was left in chaos and destruction Saturday evening.

As Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes swerved into the crowded parking lot, leaving one person dead and injuring 17 others.

George Augustine of Nescopeck was shocked when he heard the news.

"This is really something, it’s a shame that it had to happen, said George Augustine. I feel so sorry for the people."

Augustine went to a vigil held by the local Salvation Army Sunday morning in Berwick.

The ceremony remembers those lost in both the fire and the deadly hit and run.

The Lieutenant Colonel for the Salvation Army, Larry Ashcraft, came from Philadelphia to speak at the vigil, expressing feelings of sincerity for the small community that has had its world turned upside down.

"I was present for 9/11, and although the scope and scale is not as large," said Ashcraft, "It brought back memories."

The Salvation Army has been working with community members affected by the fire and now plans to continue helping the victims of the recent tragedy.

"It doesn’t only happen in big cities. It happens in little towns too. Evil has no boundaries," said Ashcraft.

Following the ceremony, a  funeral procession for one of the victims of the fire in Nescopeck halted traffic along the Route 93 bridge connecting Nescopeck and Berwick — two small towns that will forever be connected by these three life-altering events.

"Pray for one thing: Trust in God. Help the people that are having the problems, help support them, and just keep on living," said Augustine.

Members from both Nescopeck and Berwick say that time is what is needed to heal after tragedies like this. And that coming together as a community will help with the grieving process.

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