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Columbia County Communities Hit by Storm Earlier this Week Preparing for More Rain

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. — Our entire area will be under a flood watch as heavy rains are in the forecast for Friday. The timing couldn’t be worse for a...

COLUMBIA COUNTY, Pa. -- Our entire area will be under a flood watch as heavy rains are in the forecast for Friday.

The timing couldn't be worse for all the people who live in communities that were pummeled by tornadoes earlier this week and that includes Columbia County.

It's been a rough week for Rory Redner after an EF-2 tornado tore straight through his golf course and campgrounds overnight Sunday in Benton.

“We lost everything, the golf course, the campgrounds and the pro shop, it's just unbelievable, absolutely,” said Redner.

Uprooted trees were littered everywhere and on top of dealing with storm damage, the Mill Race Golf Course's clubhouse burned to the ground during the storm.

A clear line of downed trees on the mountain behind the course shows the path the twister took.

“We have like 12 or 13 employees here, they`re working every day trying to get the trees cleaned up and the roads clear so the campers can get back in and see their problems they have back there,” said Redner.

Now Redner is anticipating another bout of rain and worries about the creek nearby flooding him out.

“Right now, we're concerned about our golf carts,” said Redner. “We have to get them out because that's in the flood area down there so tomorrow morning we're going to move all of our golf carts out of the barn down there and up to higher ground up here.”

Twenty minutes away from Benton, in Millville students in the Millville Area School district are finally getting back into their classrooms after heavy wind damaged their schools and property.

Both the high school and elementary school were closed for three days after both buildings lost power. The elementary building lost part of its roof and had damage inside.

People say they hope this next storm won't be as destructive.

“We were all flabbergasted, we had no idea that this storm could do that kind of damage, here and there and skip around like it did so we're glad that nobody was hurt,” said Kathie Stewart.

The school board president for Millville Area says students were in school Thursday and will be off tomorrow for Good Friday.

However, they will not have off Monday as was planned; that will be used as a make-up day.