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Volunteers feeding community members in need

Volunteers in Clinton County are preparing lunch and dinner for over 300 people in need.

FLEMINGTON, Pa. — Mike Toner has pulled together volunteers who are busy packing lunches and dinners for those in need. Last week, Toner found out that several community members were struggling to gather meals during the coronavirus outbreak. So, the local man immediately got to work.

"We're feeding about 320 to 340 a day, two times a day. Free meals, they get a lunch, and then we take their supper, which is always a hot supper in the evening to them by delivery or pickup," said Toner.

Toner says they are delivering meals to people all over Clinton County. He says many community members have volunteered to deliver and pack meals.

"My mother said that people needed food, so I just did what I could do. I put it out on Facebook, and the community came together."

"I don't want to turn anybody away from helping but we had so many drivers yesterday that things were flying out the door and people were getting their lunches by noon, and I think all our deliveries for lunch were out by 1 o'clock yesterday and all the dinners were out before 5 o'clock yesterday," said volunteer Tawnee Page.

Tawnee Page says her phone has been ringing off the hook with people requesting meal deliveries.

"We started out very small, not too many people, only like 30 or 40 when we started everything, but it only has continued to grow."

With hundreds of people counting on these bagged lunches and dinners every day, Toner says he does not have any plans to stop; he will go for as long as the crisis lasts.

"We have enough food for the next three weeks right now, so, with money that came in plus any food donations, we don't look to stop anytime soon."

If you are interested in volunteering or signing up for the meal service, you can call (570) 786-1343.