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Man charged after allegedly shooting dog in Clinton County

A pit bull terrier is recovering after allegedly being shot twice by its owner according to police in Clinton County.

CLINTON COUNTY, Pa. — Lucky, a pit bull terrier, formally known as Luna, is recovering at the Clinton County SPCA after she was shot on January 21st.

"I thought at first that she was hit by a car because of the way her back was swollen at the heel. It made me think she was hit by a car," said Erica Barclay, Clinton County SPCA Kennel Manager.

According to police near Avis, Lucky was tied to a tree along Pine Mountain Road in Wayne Township by her owner James Standridge. The man from Jersey Shore told police that he then fired three shots at the dog. One shot hit the dog's left front leg. Another shot hit her left back paw.

"I have never dealt with something to this extreme before. I have seen a lot of bad things happen to animals but never this severe. So cruel, just so cruel," said Cristy Lehman, Clinton County SPCA Shelter Manager.

Lucky was stranded there for six days in freezing temperatures with open wounds. She was discovered underneath bushes by someone driving by. That is when members of the SPCA were called.

"She tried to get up. She couldn't. Her front arm was dangling," said Barclay.

"She just had a surgery to try and save her front left leg. The humerus bone was completely shattered, so, there is a large pin in place floating out of her skin to try and save it," said Lehman.

The SPCA gave her the new name of Lucky. At the moment, one of the bullets is still lodged inside her. The organization says folks can donate on their website to help Lucky's rehabilitation.

"It is incredible to see the dog survive this. She is still so trusting of humans and of us and she doesn't even know us. She is going to have a new life ahead of her and won't have to go through something like that again," said Lehman.

Standridge has been charged with two felony counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and three misdemeanor counts of neglect of an animal. He's due back in court next week.

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