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Help AWSOM animal shelter find fur-ever homes for cats

At the moment, the shelter has about 200 cats and kittens.

STROUD TOWNSHIP, PA — The cat cages are packed at AWSOM Animal Shelter near Stroudsburg.

Employees say this year, they have taken in more pregnant cats, leading to an abundance of kittens, and they don't have space for any more.

"It's a crazy town with a bunch of cats and kittens. We are beyond full. We have tons here," Wendy Edwards, a vet tech at the shelter, said. 

She said at the moment, the shelter has about 200 cats and kittens, and those are just the ones at the shelter.

They have been reaching out to fosters to help.

"We are so full with mamas, adult cats and kittens and everything else our foster homes were available, so we put cats and kittens in foster homes," Edwards said. "Now we are to the point where some of them are ready to go up for adoption, and we are waiting for space available to bring them back and put them up for adoption."

Employees at the shelter said the best thing you can do to help is to adopt or foster one of them.

"Offer up your home to foster," Edwards said. "We have foster applications, and once approved, we will try to get you rolling and all setup. We provide all the supplies. We just have a protocol that you follow as far as medical treatments and everything else."

The shelter said if you're looking for an easy animal to take care of, a cat or kitten is the right way to go. 

"Anybody who's home a lot or has kids, cats, and kittens are fantastic. They're low maintenance. They're not like a dog that you have to take out in the winter, during snowstorms, or in the rain to go for walks. They kind of maintain themselves," Edwards said. 

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a cat or kitten from AWSOM, click here. 

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