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Storm leaves some without power in Lansford

Storms left people without power and trees down in certain parts of Carbon County.

LANSFORD, Pa. — This big tree fell hard on some wires on Snyder Avenue in Lansford. It knocked out power during Monday night's storm in Carbon County.

"I was going to bed, and the big flash of lightning and the power went out. I heard people later, so I came out and said, holy crap, the tree is down," said Eva Bringhurst, Lansford.

People who live here say there was a lot of rain and a light show in the sky.

John Spayd wasn't home last night. He came home Tuesday with no power.

"I can't find a generator. Oh, it's a real hassle," said Spayd.

People who live on this street tell us there are a few different problems here. Number one, this is a very narrow one way.

Number two, they figure they won't get their power back on for a while because that tree will need to be cut down first.

"I am not stressed. I am just sitting here enjoying myself. The hardest part is the boredom. There's no TV to watch for me to numb my brain," said Spayd.

"It's really difficult. We are bored. We have no WiFi, can't cook except for on the grill," said Bringhurst.

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