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Changes to Move Over Law to take effect this spring

Drivers must move over or slow down when approaching an emergency situation on the road.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — If you find yourself driving on the highway and spot an emergency vehicle on the shoulder, the Pennsylvania Move Over Law says you must move over to the next lane or slow down significantly.

The law has been around for years, but authorities say new additions are being made.

"First offense now is $500, second is $1,000, third and subsequent offense is $2,000, plus a third and subsequent offense can result in a 90-day license suspension, so yes, quite heftier fines in regard to that. It can also be up to $10,000 and serious charges if there's a death or injury to someone in that area," said Trooper David Peters.

If you can't move over, you'll now be required to turn on your flashers and slow down to 20 miles under the posted speed limit.

Trooper David Peters explains how the law will be enforced.

"It's going to be an observation thing. In a lot of cases, seeing those vehicles, it's kind of difficult unless someone is in that area. So, if we are coming up on a scene to try and ascertain whether or not the vehicle sped past that area, did not move over as well as didn't bring their vehicle down to that 20 mph, that's an indication we will be able to tell," said Peters.

Tow trucks are also included in the Move Over Law.

Drivers Newswatch 16 spoke to say they really hope to see a change because it can be very dangerous.

"My biggest complaint is the lack of enforcement. We were on a call Friday night there at the (exit) 294 eastbound. We were just about wrapped up, and there was a police officer at the beginning of the accident scene. We had four trucks out there — two big rotators, a tow truck, and a rollback — and this truck driver came back through there. I waved him over, and he came at me, and he almost hit my cohort. John had to throw his coat up in the air and jump, or else he would have been hit. This is enough," said Heino Fette, Schlier's Towing Service.

Additions to the Move Over Law go into effect on April 27.

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