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Local paranormal group helps homeowner

A family in Carbon County truly believes their home is haunted, and a new team aimed at getting rid of unwanted spirits was there to help.

PALMERTON, Pa. — Ever since the Smith/Schulze family moved into their Palmerton home in June of 2019, they say they've experienced unwanted visitors in their home, and they're not the kind you can get rid of easily.

"There's something in this house. It is not right. It's not nice. It doesn't feel good, so I said, 'Let's just get a team out here,' and lo and behold, we got ghosts," laughed Linda Smith. a lot of 'em, too."

High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal is a local ghost hunters team investigating the spirits at the home in Palmerton.

In their video, you can see the family's basement and hear one of the group's investigators asking questions. Within seconds, a stick-like, moving figure is captured by the ghost hunters' special equipment. Seconds later, it's gone.

Founder and psychic medium Laurissa Rex and her husband Allen started the group.

"The reason we got into it was to help people," Allen Rex said. "That's why we do it for free. We don't charge anybody but were really genuinely there to help people answer the questions that they might be wondering if they're having certain activities in their house, or seeing things move or hearing things out of the blue."

Rex tells Newswatch 16 by using their equipment, they were able to identify 12 ghosts in Linda Smith's home.

A blessing was completed on the home, and investigators said they were able to cross over some spirits, bringing them to the next realm.

"We're grateful to the team. We really are, and seeing is believing, yes, but when you're going through it, sometimes you think you're crazy. You're not," Smith said.

The High Spirits of Palmerton Paranormal teams understands that not everybody believes, but they shouldn't rush to judgment:

"What I'm saying is give an open mind look at the evidence. Look at the paranormal team, look at the webpage, and see that we're not like other paranormal groups. We are very into the evidence that we catch, not the feelings that we get," said investigator Kandise Hickox.

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