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Holiday skiing impacted by weather

Folks at Blue Mountain Ski Resort say the recent winter weather worked in their favor by adding to the slopes and lessening the crowds.

CARBON COUNTY, Pa. — Every ski resort has its ups and downs, but on this holiday weekend, most resorts expect to operate at close to capacity. 

Families like the Ekenthal's look forward to this day every year, knowing they may have to wait to feel the wind in their hair.

"We ski every Martin Luther King Day, and this is a spectacular day because the slopes were not as crowded as they usually are, yet the conditions were excellent," said Aaron Eckenthal from Westfield, New Jersey.

Outdoor enthusiasts enjoyed the wide-open hills at Blue Mountain Resort in Carbon County or had a warm fire to themselves as fresh snow fell from above, the remnants of a winter storm.

"It's just, I think it's more fun to ski with the actual snow," said Morgan Eckenthal, also from Westfield, New Jersey.

On a holiday weekend, many skiers and snowboarders expected the slopes to be far more full than they are. 

The wait time for the lift is only about five minutes.

"On like a great day like today, I was very shocked to see so few people," said Jackson Hayward from King of Prussia.

Zach Zoltowski and Joe Nolter came here from New Jersey, hitting the mountain for the first time this season.

"When we were looking at tickets online, it said that there was like over 2,000 still available for today. So we figured it wasn't goin' to be too busy," said Zach Zoltowski of New Jersey.

Nolter says the recent bout of snow and freezing rain may have kept some people off the mountain, fearing a difficult journey from out of state.

"When you factor in commuters and everything, people trying to get to and from here, road conditions and all that, not everybody has a vehicle that's capable of getting them through ice or snow," said Joe Nolter, New Jersey.

But the people who chose to ride on were treated to a day of excitement and thrills in a winter paradise. 

"Yeah. I shredded the mountain," said Asher Eckenthal.

Shredded, indeed.

Check out severe weather tips on WNEP's YouTube channel.  

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