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'That's a lot of cookies' - Sweet treats for fire company fundraiser

Folks with the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company in Carbon County are hoping to raise some cash and brighten spirits this season.

CARBON COUNTY, Pa. — There's a little bit of everything to satisfy your taste buds on these cookie trays — chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, red and green cookies.

The assortments are being put together by the Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Company women's auxiliary.

"We expected maybe 80 orders, 100 orders. All of a sudden, it's 248. That's a lot of cookies," said women's auxiliary member Chris Lilly.

There are more than two dozen cookies on each tray. About 30 people from the Lehighton area volunteered to help out and bake.

Sandy Miller was one of them.

"I am just putting all these homemade goodies together. I am trying to make a variety. I have two of each kind, so we have 36, there's like half and half. We have excellent bakers," Miller said.

Each holiday cookie tray cost $14 and all that money will stay with the fire company.

If you didn't order one, sorry, you'll have to wait until next year. All of these were preordered.

The fire company was forced to cancel many of its annual fundraisers because of the pandemic. Members had to get creative to try to raise money.

"I think if nothing else, we are good at food. We kept it up. When you realize that a volunteer fire company still has to pay insurance, still has to pay for the heat on the building, because you can't let it run cold. You still have to pay for maintenance on the trucks, insurance on the trucks. It's a lot of money and when you have nothing coming in, it really hurts," Lilly said.

The holiday cookie pick-up begins in the morning in Franklin Township.