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Drought watch prompts residents in Palmerton to conserve water

A drought watch recently issued by the state covers 36 counties, including all of our area. It means we should all be trying to use a few gallons less of water daily

PALMERTON, Pa. — If you use a sprinkler to water your lawn, the state is asking you to think twice about that. All of northeastern and central Pennsylvania is now in a drought watch.

The state is asking people to cut back on how much water they use by at least three gallons a day.

In Palmerton, officials have been spreading that message for a while.

"We have kind of identified that the water tables were low some time ago. About a month ago, we asked our residents to voluntarily conserve water. Now that the state has issued the warning, we hope the residents will adhere to that and take precautions," said Donna McGarry, Palmerton's borough manager.

Palmerton officials say while everyone should conserve water where they can, people who have well water should take extra steps.

"We have a drought emergency plan that we can follow. But as a resident that lives in the country, that has their own well, they're on their own for their water supply," McGarry said.

Mary Rogal came to Palmerton to do some shopping. She lives outside the borough and relies on a well. She's been cutting back on her water usage for a while.

"When I run water in my sink, just like my sister in California does, I run the extra sink water into a container, and that's what I use to water my plants. When I'm waiting for the hot water, I'm not going to waste all that cold water," said Rogal.

She's also taking other steps to save.

"Make sure that you have a full load when you do your laundry, the same way with your dishwasher. And you use the quickest setting with your dishwasher because you don't want to waste the water."

The drought watch affects all counties in northeastern and central PA. You can find more water-saving tips here

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