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Dogs test their swimming skills in Carbon County

The Newfoundland Club of America ran water tests with dogs at Beltzville State Park.

LEHIGHTON, Pa. — A certain breed of dogs were trained on Sunday in Carbon County to test their natural rescue abilities.

The Newfoundland Club of America ran water tests at Beltzville State Park - historically, this dog breed has worked with humans in water rescues.

But organizers say it wasn't training for emergency services or even a competition per-say. Instead, owners could assess their dogs' innate abilities coupled with the training they had learned from their handlers.

"They have webbed feet. They do a breaststroke rather than a doggy paddle. They have a double coat, which helps shed the water. Their tail acts like a rudder. They're structurally built to do this kind of work," said Andrea Ottey with the Newfoundland Club of America. 

The exercises included water activities like swimming and towing a boat in.

Successful dogs could be awarded a water rescue dog title following the training in Carbon County.

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