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Color-coded symbols used to keep neighbors and emergency responders safe

Residents are encouraged to hang color-coded symbols in their windows to let neighbors and emergency responders know if they need help.

LANSFORD, Pa. — Lansford Police Chief Jack Soberick is handing out color-coded symbols to essential businesses. 

Residents are encouraged to hang one of the symbols in their window to let neighbors and emergency responders know if they need help.

"This is to remind each other we're in this all together; this is our community," Chief Soberick said.

Each of the symbols means something different: 

  • Green lets your neighbors know you could use something from the grocery store. 
  • Blue means you are healthy and doing okay. 
  • Red tells people you are showing symptoms similar to the coronavirus, or you have already tested positive.

These symbols do not replace calling 911, but they do let emergency responders know if they need to take added precautions when coming to your door.

"Nobody wants to get this, and we're all a little bit fearful, this lets us know take the proper steps to be safe," Chief Soberick said.

Irma Leibensperger hung her symbol in the window right away. She said she thinks this is a wonderful initiative, especially for seniors.

"Sometimes they don't have anybody and this way you'll know if they're feeling good, if they're not, if they need help, if they need groceries or whatever," Leibensperger said.

Mayor Michel Bartek came up with the idea; she spent hours making the sets to give to residents.

"It's actually bringing the community together even though we have to stay far apart," Mayor Bartek said.

People in Lansford can grab a set of symbols at the police department and at essential businesses.

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