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Celebrating two kinds of Eagles at wildlife rehab center

It's all about the "Birds" this week for one group in Carbon County, and no, we don't just mean the Philadelphia Eagles.

SUMMIT HILL, Pa. — Franklin Klock is a member of the "bird gang" in more ways than one.

"People have asked me if I'm an Eagles fan because I work with eagles, and it just was a coincidence."

He's a naturalist for the Carbon County Environmental Education Center and Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Summit Hill.

Klock has been bleeding green his entire life. But heading into Super Bowl weekend, his support isn't limited to the Philadelphia Eagles. The actual animals themselves could use some support too.

"Eagles are no longer on the endangered species list. But there are some serious issues that they're facing right now - lead poisoning being one of them. So we want to get the education out there, get the information out there. More and more people are seeing them. Because there are more around, there are more chances for issues to happen to them," Klock said.

The center is home to a bald eagle and a golden eagle, and on Friday, you can come meet them at a "Fly Eagles Friday" pep rally.

It's a combination of celebration and education.

"Why are the Philadelphia Eagles the Philadelphia Eagles? And why is the bald eagle the symbol of the United States? We'll talk about all that," Klock said.

The pep rally is taking place here at the Carbon County Environmental Education Center at 6 p.m. on Friday. 

All are welcome, even, believe it or not, Kansas City Chiefs fans. 

Lena Nalesnik, an employee here, says her mom might be brave enough to show face in a sea of green.

"I live in a divided household. My mom is a die-hard Chiefs fan. My dad's a die-hard Eagles fan, so I'm really anxious to see the outcome of this game because my house might spontaneously combust," Nalesnik said.

So whether you're an Eagles fan or an "eagle" fan, Go Birds!

Details for the event can be found here.

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