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Anonymous person replaces neighbor's flag in Summit Hill

A Marine Corps veteran found a surprise on his porch when he returned from his daily walk.

SUMMIT HILL, Pa. — It's a routine walk Fred Collins and his dog, Summit, take every day in Summit Hill.

"We went around the block and around the park," Collins said.

But when they returned from their walk on Memorial Day, Collins got quite the surprise, one he says he'll never forget.

"When I came back home, there was a bag sitting on the front porch here with this note attached to it, and inside was a new Marine Corps flag, and there was an anonymous note from a neighbor stating that their grandfather was in the Marine Corps as well and they saw that my flag was looking worn," Collins said. "So they went out and bought me a new flag."

Collins flies the flag outside his home because he served in the Marine Corps from 1987 to 1993.

Initially, when he saw the bag on his porch on Monday, he thought someone dropped something off at the wrong house. But after opening it and finding this note, he realized it was for him.

"Just overwhelmed. I mean, I almost had tears coming to my eyes trying to read this note out. It was really amazing," Collins said. "I couldn't help but go on to social media and post it because, I mean, you just don't see these random acts of kindness anymore."

Collins says Summit Hill is a very patriotic and veteran-friendly borough, but he never thought someone would go out of their way to bring him a brand-new flag. He now says he's paying it forward.

"I will definitely be on the lookout for anybody else who needs a new flag, and I will definitely do the same thing or even anything at this point," said Collins.

After receiving the flag, Collins went out and bought a new American flag to replace the one he had.

He has a simple message for the anonymous person whose gesture meant the world to him.

"I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart," Collins said. "It really meant a lot for me to come home and find that on the porch. It's so sweet that you actually took the time and thought that I really needed a new flag, and you went out and got it for me."

As for the worn Marine Corps flag, Collins says he plans to retire it properly.

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