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Collecting candy Back Down The Pennsylvania Road

We look back to a trip Mike Stevens took to chat with a woman who owns a quite unique collection.

CARBON COUNTY, Pa. — It is with great pleasure that we take you to a room in Carbon County where smiles abound.

Nary a frown can be found.

And the funny thing is all the occupants are round, except for Ginny Wolfe, whose room this is.

"You stay in this room for a while, and you're going to feel good, happy. Or at least it will perk you up a bit," said Wolfe.

These are part of her collection, but to say the word "Collection" implies a cold attitude to all of these.

That wouldn't be right.

Friends, I think, are what Ginny would call these.

"This is blue. Blue, he's cool. He plays the saxophone. He writes poetry. Then there's crispy. He's the newest part of the family, and he's a bit paranoid. He hides. He thinks he's gonna get eaten," said Wolfe.

Ginny is the founder and current president of the M&M collector's club. 

More than 40 members spread around 10 countries talk swap and explore the personalities of the fun-loving M&M characters.

M&M's have been sent into space, and Ginny has some of those.

M&M's were bagged to mark the wedding of the king of the Netherlands, and she has some of those.

Worldwide we found it's hard to find a place without M&M's.

But this room, this safe harbor for so many of the characters doing so many things. 

This is a kingdom where fun and frivolity wins every time.

"You look around, and pretty soon you start to laugh because you see something that looks a little funny. And this is exactly what all the other collectors are telling me. They do it for the fun of it? Yeah. It's fun. Why not?" said Wolfe.

Why not indeed.