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Bradford County buried in feet of snow

Residents told Newswatch 16 they've never seen such a heavy snowfall in their area.

BRADFORD COUNTY, Pa. — Pictures from Ulster Township show cars and mailboxes completely buried by snow.

Some of the people we spoke to said they measured about three and a half feet of snow in their driveways Thursday morning.

Folks here are definitely used to heavy snow, but they say this is unusual even for Bradford County. Some said they've never seen a storm like this in their lifetime.

"Not in my 20 years of being here and living in Towanda for another 20, not 4 feet in one time," Tammy Harris said.

"I'm the clerk here at this post office ,so I was open throughout the day yesterday, crawled my way home, and tried to stay on top of it, but you know, it just kind of all got away from all of us. I think when the overnight hours came, all of us woke up and were just shocked," Kim Conlon said.

We have seen plow trucks throughout the day and neighbors have been trying to clear the sidewalks on the main drag in Towanda.

In our travels, we didn't even make it to the hardest-hit parts of Bradford County.

Dakota West's dad lives in Rome, about 10 miles north of Towanda.

"My dad told me — he's the owner of this bar — that he got 44 inches and he's stuck up there."

While it might not be par for the course in Bradford County, it could be considered so for the year 2020.

"Something about this isn't very much a winter wonderland. I think it probably is typical, knowing 2020 and how crazy it's been," Conlon said. "This kind of just fits in with what's been happening this year."