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Bradford County Food Pantry helps feed hundreds

During the pandemic and the unprecedented economic hardships that have come with it, the generosity of people continues to shine.

ROME, Pa. — Assembly lines filled with cars and volunteers wrapped around both the inside and outside of the Vigilante Fire Company, all to lend a helping hand.

Organizers from Child Hunger Outreach Partners, Repsol Energy Company, The Bradford County Dairy Princess, and promotions team partnered together to hold a drive-thru pop-up pantry to distribute food to those who need it. 

"We recognized that there were many people who were losing their jobs because of the virus, and the people in the areas that we work were suffering because of that, and we also knew that this is where there are many people who are in need of food on a regular basis as well, so we wanted to try and help," said Amy Gilbert of Repsol Energy. 

Volunteers packed each vehicle with meat, produce, and dairy.

Food was donated from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank and Repsol donated money to purchase dairy products.  

Families are grateful for the help they are receiving.  

"It's wonderful, I appreciate it all the hard work, peoples are doing to help others it's really appreciated," said Rose Ackley of Towanda. "They really are a big help. It's like a surprise when you get home and open your box. Oh, Christmas. And there's always such good things."

The pop-up pantry is meant to help those in need in Bradford county, regardless of there income. 

When it comes to picking up items, organizers say nobody should feel embarrassed.

"Don't look at this as a handout, look at it as a hand up," said volunteer Connie Kuhlman. "It's one of those things someday you may not be in receiving end of things, but on the giving end of things and the reserve could be true you could be the biggest giver in the world and suddenly find yourself in the situation."

This was the third food pantry put together for Branford County residents. 

Organizers say as long as there is a need for food and enough volunteers, they will continue to help the community.

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