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The Unsolved: John Leonard

A murder victim's daughter is working to find the killer 52 years later.

Stacy Lange

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Published: 11:14 PM EST November 28, 2022
Updated: 11:14 PM EST November 28, 2022

Twin sisters from Monroe County have never given up their search for their father's killer, even 52 years after his murder.

John Leonard's case may be unsolved, but it hasn't gone cold, thanks in part to the efforts of his daughters.

Lori and Debbie Leonard were just 13 at the time.

"I would like, and I think you too, and I know our three brothers always wanted as well, peace of mind to know why it was done and who it was," Debbie said.

The twins are the only two members of their family still alive. They're in their sixties now and are renewing what's been a lifelong investigation.

In Lori's kitchen in Sciota, the twins pour over the story of their lives and the story of their dad's death.

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