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Doctors warn of potential COVID-19, Flu, RSV surge

Many infectious disease experts are concerned that we will face even more respiratory infections in January.

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Some doctors are concerned about a possible increase in respiratory infections to start the new year. 

Traditionally, COVID-19 cases spike after the holidays as people gather with family and friends.

"Right now, across the US, there are about 450,000 new cases of documented COVID per week. There are probably more, closer to one million. But last year at this time, we had more like 1.5-2 million per week," Dr. John Goldman said.

Dr. John Goldman is an Infectious Disease Specialist at UPMC. He says the combination of COVID-19, flu and RSV means people are at a higher risk of getting sick.

"They're more likely to be exposed to someone who might be sick, whether it's from COVID, flu, or RSV," Dr. Goldman said.

Dr. Goldman says COVID, flu, and RSV cases surged after Thanksgiving.  He recommends if you are sick, stay home.

"Some people will do things like get a COVID test and say well, I'm sick, but I don't have Covid. You have to remember you can give people flu and RSV," Dr. Goldman said. 

According to Dr. Goldman, senior citizens make up the majority of hospitalizations right now. He says it's not necessary to go to the hospital for an average COVID or flu case, but if you are having trouble breathing, go right away.

"If you're dizzy when you stand up, come to the hospital, and anyone who gets confused, appears to be really lethargic or out of it should be seen," Dr. Goldman said.

Dr. Goldman added that it also remains important to wash your hands often and stay up to date on your vaccines.

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