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Treating patients with heart rhythm troubles — Healthwatch 16

February is known as American Heart Month and Geisinger Health System is showcasing new methods of treating patients with heart rhythm disorders.

DANVILLE, Pa. — Geisinger Health System's team of electrophysiologists is researching and implementing the latest techniques to treat patients with heart arrhythmia.

"We've had many physicians come here to train and learn, and we've presented our info and showcased our forms to do this at our institution, so it's actually put Geisinger electrophysiology on the map," said Dr. Pugal Vijayaraman, Geisinger's chief of electrophysiology.

Dr. Vijayaraman is talking about a technique known as conduction system pacing, which stimulates the heart's natural electrical conduction system to treat heart rhythm disorders.

"Our method of conduction system pacing is targeting those very precise locations, so placing the wires exactly in the electrical system of the heart entering through the muscle here and getting to this part of the electrical system."

According to Dr. Vijayaraman, research shows conduction system pacing leads to better long-term outcomes for patients when compared to a traditional pacemaker.

"The number of patients that have dealt with heart failure from traditional right ventricle pacing does not happen with this, so we have shown that this has a huge advantage in terms of preventing heart failure, hospitalizations, or even reducing deaths in the long term."

Find more information from Geisinger's Heart Institute here.

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