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Healthwatch 16: Physical therapy

Coronavirus is a serious public health threat that has many of us in lockdown, but that doesn't mean other types of pain have stopped.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — One physical therapist from Luzerne County says his clients haven't stopped coming in for service, and he wants other people to remember that physical therapy may be an option for them, too.

"What I've seen a lot of is people are now at home and are less active. Therefore they're not lubricating their joints, becoming more stiff, more aches and pains," said Michael Schlude.

Schlude is a physical therapist and clinic director at Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services.

"People are sitting at home on couches, working on beds instead of desks, so they have poor posture," he said. "When they're home on the couch, the bed, etc., posture isn't good. You have to sit at a kitchen table and be as correct with your posture as you can."

"Just because of everything that has happened, pain hasn't stopped. We can still treat pain and any issues you may be experiencing. You can come see me without a referral for 30 days," Schlude added. "It eases the burden on PCPs. People don't have to go to those offices where others might be sick. They can call and set up an appointment."

Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services has offices all over our viewing area. Schlude works in their Kingston clinic.

He says whether you needed work prior to COVID-19 or if you've been having issues since, remember, physical therapy using proper distancing techniques and masks can be a good option to help alleviate pain.

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