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Healthwatch 16 Report: Virtual "Race for the Cure"

This year would have been the 30th anniversary of Komen Race for the Cure, a 5k run and walk that happens each year in September in Scranton.

The Komen Race for the Cure won't be happening as usual, it's a virtual event instead. But the race is still happening, and there is still an honorary survivor chair anxious to get the word out about fundraising.

Her name is Judi Mozeleski, she's 70 years old and lives in Carbondale.

And she had so much to say, we decided just to let her say it.

"I was a young woman, I had three young kids, and I wanted a mammogram. That first mammogram found my early first breast cancer," said Mozeleski. "I found that early and survived for 24 years. When my second breast cancer came it was different. It was advanced, a fast-growing type. That's the one that became metastatic. So I am a metastatic breast cancer survivor as well."

Mozeleski said, "I look at things on the hopeful side. I've always been fortunate with that. I've had the great pleasure of having other women talk to me about metastatic breast cancer. They say they're so exhausted and they can't do it, and I say, you're as strong as you need to be."

"So here I am, in 2020, with a virtual Race for the Cure. I'm here again! I've traveled through the race so many ways, I've never been a runner but I walked it many times."

She says, "as a breast cancer survivor, thriver, fighter, whatever you want to call us? I like to share where I've been and where I'm going."

That's just an introduction to Judi.

We'll be hearing more from her as the month goes on, and we get closer to the end of the month and Komen's Race for the Cure in Scranton, which again, is virtual this year.