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Latest Idaho COVID-19 case and vaccine numbers: Interactive graphs and maps tracking the pandemic

Get daily updates and everything you need to know about COVID-19 and the latest vaccine numbers in Idaho.

KTVB Staff

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Published: 7:28 PM EDT September 23, 2021
Updated: 8:30 PM EST January 15, 2022

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, COVID-19 cases are once again increasing after steadily decreasing for weeks. 

In the fall of 2021, Idaho health officials attributed the fourth wave of the virus to low vaccination rates and the Delta COVID-19 variant, which became the dominant variant in Idaho. Now, as 2022 begins, the Omicron variant is on the rise.

KTVB has closely tracked a variety of data to follow statewide patterns of new COVID-19 case counts, deaths, vaccines administered and more. Keep scrolling to see those interactive graphs displaying Idaho's declining COVID-19 case trend.

This story also contains the most recent information about vaccine rollout and daily updates regarding COVID-19 and the state’s recovery. We update this data every weekday after 5 p.m.

Since the start of the pandemic:

  • 4,274 deaths
  • 340,857 total confirmed and probable cases (268,732 confirmed cases)
  • 25,076 vaccine breakthrough cases 
  • 1,007,637 people have received a vaccine 
  • 139,875 recoveries (estimated)

Latest hospital numbers as of 1/12 (Wednesday):

  • 376 hospitalized with COVID-19
  • 98 in ICU
Credit: KTVB