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Doctors: COVID-19 Delta variant now the greatest threat

Healthcare professionals said the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are protecting against the Delta variant. Those who are unvaccinated are at the greatest risk.

HONESDALE, Pa. — Doctors at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale said the newly detected Delta variant of COVID-19 is cause for concern.

"It's the fastest known variant right now in the U.S. making up somewhere between six and 14 percent of cases depending on where you look and what data you look at," Dr. James Cruse, Medical Director of Wayne Memorial Community Health Centers, said.

Doctors said there are two major worries with this Delta variant. 

It spreads quickly, and it's infecting younger people.

"There's about 2.5 times the number of teens and adults under the age of 50 that have been affected by this variant compared to prior variants," Dr. Cruse said.

However, says the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are working against the Delta variant.

"Pfizer is estimated to be about 88% effective against it. We're mostly seeing cases of the Delta variant in the unvaccinated," Dr. Cruse said. 

Dr. Cruse said the best way to protect against the Delta variant is to get the shot.

People in Nanticoke say they feel protected after getting the vaccine.

"I got the shot so, I'm hopeful. I got both shots. Actually, I'm a card-carrying member," Elsa, who did not want to give her last name, said.

Dr. Cruse warned that going into the summer of last year, Wayne County was seeing about 12 new cases of coronavirus each week.

This summer, we are seeing double that amount.

He hopes more people choose to get the shot before we could see a spike in cases this fall.

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