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Protestors outside Phoenix PD demand body cam video in deadly shooting of Ryan Whitaker

"We have gotten no answer, not even a response to emails, no respondent phone calls, nothing," Katie Baeza, the victim's sister, said.

Another protest took place in Phoenix concerning police and the use of deadly force. 

This time, it concerned the shooting and killing a 40-year-old man back in May. The man’s sister is demanding body cam video to be released.

“When it’s a controversial shooting in someone’s back, in front of their own home, you have slowed down the process, and are not answering our plea for answers,” Katie Baeza said.

She is at a complete loss as to why the public cannot have access to body cam video believed to show exactly how her brother, 40-year-old Ryan Whitaker, died more than a month-and-a-half ago. 

“We were told 45 days we would hear answers," she said. "We would be able to view bodycam in the form of CIB video and we have gotten no answer, not even a response to emails, no respondent phone calls, nothing.”

Her family and friends gathered outside the Phoenix Police Department Headquarters to help drive home their point.

“We’re just pleading with the Phoenix police to have a conscience,” Baeza said. “We’re a family, we’re people, we lost someday that we loved dearly and just be human.”

Police say a caller reported a lot of yelling and slamming of doors at an apartment complex on Desert Foothills Parkway. A second call followed. 

When police arrived, they say Whitaker came to the door with a gun and moved quickly toward one of the officers. Police say that’s when an officer shot and killed him. 

“My brother was very, very pro-law enforcement, never in his life has he ever been in a physical altercation,” Katie said. 

Whitaker does not have a criminal history in Maricopa County and there’s no reason to believe he has one elsewhere.

12 News has also requested, but not received, body camera video of the incident.

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