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Stevens Says: A walk on the wild side, or close to it

Our Mike Stevens takes a walk through nature.
Credit: WNEP

Like nearly everyone else I am inclined to stay home, away from the pandemic outside, or inside for all I know. Of course, that allows for one to become completely aware of all things in the home that need repair or replacement or how little one can do if one puts his mind to it. Then there are the hours dedicated daily to napping, surfing the Web, playing games, or otherwise pointlessly amusing oneself as the day marches on. The only saving grace some days is bedtime.

There is another “out” to the chore of staying home, if one wants to use it: walking where nature lives; a bit of a walk on the wild side. For your walk in the wild you can go to a state park or take one of the many trails built up around our area. These are excellent for hiking since they are often old railroad beds, so they are usually fairly level.

Once you get out there try and find a quiet spot and stand still for a bit; it is amazing what you can hear or maybe cannot hear. What you hear is a bird chirping now and again, the wind in the now sleeping trees overhead, snow crunching as you walk. What you do not hear, when in the right spot, are the trappings of modern society: cars, trucks, doors slamming; in short, you can hear what nature allows and nature can offer the most pleasing sounds.

So, someday soon, when you have exhausted the TV schedule or don’t really feel like fixing the crack in the living room plaster or taking yet another nap, get out there. It need not be too far so long as you can hear what nature has to offer.