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Stevens Says: Alone... no phone

To truly enjoy the world, forget your phone.
Credit: WNEP
To truly enjoy the world, forget your phone.

When one goes out one should never forget one’s cell phone... unless one wants to relax, to enjoy a bit of serenity, to talk with more folks who likewise have no phone.

In short, to truly enjoy the world, forget your phone.

That’s exactly what happened to me just the other day. I didn’t realize it of course till I got to where I was going. Since I was that far along clearly a return trip home to pick it up was out of the question. I had but one choice: forge ahead without my trusty cell phone.

Admittedly there was some panic in the first few minutes. Call it withdrawal. There I was disconnected from home and family, the news of the world, home remedy cures for whatever might be ailing me at the moment, perhaps some advice on publishing a book. The world, normally at my fingertips, had been shut out, left behind either on the sink where I shave or on that shelf right alongside the television, the shelf where I put things so I don’t forget them.

Tell the truth, it didn’t take me long to forget I had no phone and to realize how pleasant it was before it came along. Oh, there was bad stuff going on, there always is, but hearing of it was targeted: TV news at night, two editions of the paper, maybe a radio. The phone allowed ingestion of everything imaginable (and some you can’t) 24/7; it was all there in my pocket, just waiting. Except when it isn’t, like that particular day.

It was quite a good day, all things considered. There was no phone to interfere and the messages that were saved when I got home? Well, let’s just say there is always tomorrow.