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Stevens Says: Missing machine

Our Mike Stevens explains the benefits of having a good and proper machine to get the job done.
Credit: WNEP

A neighbor of mine recently took down a few large bushes in his yard. They weren’t tree-size but they did have fairly large stumps which, of course, he now must get out... somehow.

My suggestion: a good and proper machine. I favor a front end loader with a backhoe attachment. Such a machine allows a hard-working homeowner to efficiently finish a task like removing a stump; additionally, there are added benefits.

Trench digging comes to mind first. If one is laying a water pipe in the backyard there you go; one machine, one trench. Need to install a pool? Well, you just crank up “Buster” and go for it. Before you know it the kids will be swimming thanks in part to your foresight. Snow-covered drive? Your faithful machine will be there to aid you. Landscaping? Absolutely. Your neighbors can have your services as well, any time you’re not working on your own projects of course for that is the neighborly thing to do. The goodwill spread about from this attitude is immeasurable. Oh, and have I mentioned that all this comes at no cost to them as well as you (once the machine is paid off). Think for a moment the dollars saved by having your own backhoe/loader at the house any time you need it. Uncountable is the word that comes to mind.

Now, quickly, explain all this to your better half and see how he/she takes to the idea. I’ve been trying to get “Buster” to move into a shed out back ever since we moved into our home out front and haven’t had any luck. If any of this works for you, that means I’ll still have a chance.